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CBD Has Benefits for Pets, Too

CBD is helping thousands of people to manage anxiety, stress, and pain. But it’s not just people this non-psychoactive cannabis by-product can help. There is evidence — and a variety of products — to support the fact that CBD is beneficial for pets, too. Let’s dive into what CBD is and why it is not only […]

“Save your results” feature now available on DiscoverCannabis’ Survey Tool

DiscoverCannabis’ survey tool was built to introduce, guide, and educate you to all-things cannabis through a personalized assessment of your needs. Try it out yourself now — DiscoverCannabis . We’ve been working hard adding new features to DiscoverCannabis to make our users’ cannabis journey more enjoyable. Providing a great user experience while educating and giving […]

Why Should I Renew My Medical Card?

There are benefits to renewing your medical marijuana license beyond costs. In the states where cannabis has been legalized for recreational use, a common question for medical marijuana cardholder is, “Should I renew my medical marijuana license?” There are a variety of benefits of renewal: cost savings, higher allowable quantity for purchase, higher potency products, […]