“Save your results” feature now available on DiscoverCannabis’ Survey Tool

DiscoverCannabis’ survey tool was built to introduce, guide, and educate you to all-things cannabis through a personalized assessment of your needs. Try it out yourself now — DiscoverCannabis .

We’ve been working hard adding new features to DiscoverCannabis to make our users’ cannabis journey more enjoyable. Providing a great user experience while educating and giving our users an interactive tool to discover the world of cannabis has been our mission.

Today we released a feature that allows users to save the personalized results of their questionnaire by securely emailing themselves a deep link to return back to the results page.

We feel this provides a critical piece and sets the foundation for starting the conversation with a bud-tender and/or care provider to understand if cannabis treatment is for them.

DiscoverCannabis users can take the survey and our system will continue to take the user’s input of experience level, goals and any conditions they are trying to seek relief for and use established science and research to present what and why is best for the user at that time.

Users can now take these personalized results and find the Save Icon on the results page. Below are some screen shots of the application to provide some instructions:

The Save Icon can be found at the top right of the screen when using a tablet or desktop
The Save Icon on mobile is found in line with the Strain Recommendation
Simply provide your email to receive the personalized results instantly
Save your email to be able to return back anytime

Thanks for supporting DiscoverCannabis. Please comment down below and let us know what you think!

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